House Project List

The list that keeps growing and growing. Trying to take things off the list is the real challenge.
Here's to progress and not just planning...
- finally updated on Feb 28, 2016
  1.  Change all the locks (to the same key - 4 door locks, 4 keys, 2 of which we've never had....)
  2. NEW - fix front door locks, so they actually work properly. Didn't know this until today (6 months after moving in....!) Completed! Marked where the bolts go, took off the plates, chiseled out more of the frame, touched up the paint and put the plates back on. Perfect! Until #3 happened...
  3. NEW - Add weather protection strip around front door - sort of completed - put it on, but now the front door is very very hard to close (ie all body weight against it to lock it!). Must have another look at where to place the weather stripping.
  4. Change the back door handle We had to do this when my sister locked us out of our own home...
  5. Add screen to barred window in landing This is a project my husband did!
  6. Add a fire pit
  7. Add screen door to back door
  8.  Replace hinge on shed and get new lock
  9. Paint Re-line the shed
  10. Get washer and dryer
  11. Install a clothesline in the basement
  12. Build a shelf under the stairs for skates and camping equipment
  13.  Install a clothesline outside
  14. Fix door seal on back door
  15. Finish the set of mosaic tables (never going to happen, lost all interest!)
  16. Replace dining living room window to have an opening
  17. Add a shower bathroom downstairs Can't - our basement ceiling is too low to accommodate a proper legal bathroom
  18. Move the furnace Done! Completed during summer 2014
  19. Build a wall in the basement with the vents inside Done! Completed during fall 2014!
  20.  Line walls of basement to insulate
  21. Put flooring in basement to insulate Done! We completed this in fall 2014, in the portion of the basement that we use regularly (train room side)
  22.  Take out concrete laundry sink - bought a laundry sink for $15 which is a step towards completing this project. Not done - but the plan is the move the soapstone sink and raise it rather than get rid of it. That was the hubby's input, which is fine since he does the laundry!
  23. Build laundry room - sort of next on the list.
  24. Move dryer vent to near laundry - part of the whole laundry build
  25. Fix window with old dryer vent
  26. Change the cover on the top of the bench Completed!!
  27. Fix upstairs hallway light issue - done!
  28. Redo the whole bathroom - see this post about the problems with the bathroom
    1.  Change the layout
    2. Add a shower
    3.  New vanity
    4.  Strip walls right back
    5. Update the pipework
    6. Insulate and reline the walls
    7. Tile the floor
    8. Underfloor heating (? - no) Decided not to do. Somewhat regret that now!
    9. Refinish or clean until done the clawfoot tub tub is currently sitting on the front lawn
    10. Paint the bottom of the clawfoot like this (not red though, maybe green?)
    11.  Change the bathtub fittings (see #9 above)
    12. Put the light switch IN the bathroom (seriously, in the hallway, how does this make sense?!)
    13. Fix the power socket
    14. Add a towel rail to the bathroom
  29. Redo the whole kitchen
    1. Update the flooring - didn't update yet, but removed two layers of old linoleum
    2. Replace all the pipes
    3. Reorganize
    4. Add a range hood
  30. Replace the pipe to the house (if it is lead. It is lead.) - BUT decided to instead add water filtration. Cheaper, easier and targeted.
  31. Strip window sills back to wood - the more I live here, the less I want to do this.
  32. Repaint white parts of stairs Decided to strip them back to wood - completed!
  33.  Strip out “the green room” back to wood, insulate, reline, paint Completed March 2015
  34. Close off the cupboard in craft room, make green room cupboard bigger, add organiser/shelving - partially completed - the office side no, but the bedroom side yes
  35. Add power points in green room under roof slope - yes! Completed March 2015
  36. Build or buy a sewing desk  Completed!
  37. Add power points in craft room under roof slope
  38. Strip out “popcorn ceiling” in staircase
    1.  replace with beadboard - nope, just drywall
    2.  add crown molding - decided not to
  39. Strip out “popcorn ceiling” in living room and dining - not yet. And likely not a priority for now
    1. replace with beadboard
    2.  add crown molding
  40. Change light fittings
    1. living room
    2. dining room 
    3. hallway near stairs
  41. Build cupboards under stairs instead of weird walk-in pantry - decided to keep walk-in pantry and embrace it
  42. Replace tiles in the back landing - still needs to happen. Each time we vaccuum, more come up!
  43. Install the outside back door light - on sensor?
  44. Clean out the gutters and buy and add gutter guard This was a team effort with Kirk and I (mostly because I was afraid of the height. They were FULL and even had baby trees growing in them. Day long effort well worth it. Cost was 2 boxes of gutter guard (we had 1) and renting a VERY long ladder from Home Depot for a long weekend.
  45. Replace front porch door with door with window to let light in – 34 x 82  Done (can't remember when right now). What a huge difference to the look and the light.
  46. Insulate under front porch floor
    1.  Take off side wall of under front porch (only had to cut a hole for access)
    2.  Rebuild side wall with gated/locked entrance
    3. Insulate the flooring