About me!

My name is Annet M, and I am my dad's daughter. 

My dad is a Dutch immigrant to Canada that has a mechanical background (fixed cars and trucks and all kinds of machinery all his life) but he can also plumb and build and fix gas lines and weld and make or fix just about anything. Except computers - his technique to turn off mom's computer is to unplug it!

Dad found out in March 2015 that he has Stage 4 cancer in his belly / abdomen / colon. He found out while working on my bedroom renovation upstairs - he was so weak he could hardly climb the stairs at my house and so we finally got him to go to the doctor. Turns out his hemoglobin was so low he should've been unconscious. And yet he was renovating. So that shows you how tough he is. 

I am a Dutch-Canadian-Australian. My husband Kirk is Australian and after living in Australia for 11 years, we moved back to Canada in August 2012 and are still settling into life here. He's not a reno fan but he tolerates it and occasionally has some input.

We bought a house here in Thunder Bay, Ontario and I want to document more of the changes and hopefully show people that it can be done.