Sunday, February 28, 2016

About this house and where we are at with Renovations

In the last three years, we've renovated much of this house. A combination of me, my dad, and sometimes contractors. I've documented nothing here (only on facebook) and want to fix that. So my aim is to go back and document various rooms and projects and show progress as it all continues (cause there is always more!).

A bit about the house - it is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house, 1 & 1/2 storey home built in 1928. It had some terrible renovations done throughout the years and other areas where it was mostly okay. It has changed hands many many times (we keep meeting more people who know people who used to own it). I will write up each of the room

The three bedrooms are all upstairs with the bathroom. We've done our bedroom (99% done) and the bathroom (99.5% done) and David's room doesn't need much, at least not in a hurry. The office needs some further gutting, relining and rebuilding.

On the main level, we have the front 3-season porch, living room, dining room and kitchen.

Our kitchen was a challenge with 3 doors and 1 window limiting our options. It's now mostly done though maybe not quite how I would've loved it. If I would finish it I would probably feel differently.

The dining room has only ever had the light fixture replaced and same in the living room. They need more but maybe not until the whole rest of the house is done. They are original plaster & lathe, then covered over with cheap panelling that has been painted and doesn't quite meet up everywhere. Our couch was free and is terrible and there has been zero styling in the living room. One day.

We luckily have original hardwood throughout the main and upper level. In our bedroom we have carpet and tiles in the bathroom, but the two front bedrooms (David + office) have hardwood. It needs to be stripped and redone, but that's something we aren't quite ready for.

The basement was a giant open space with the furnace right in the way after coming down the stairs. It was luckily not damp at all but very cold in winter and just plain messy. It is now half done (with a train room) and the other half is storage and soon to be laundry room. It's still cold but much better than it was.

The back entrance (the one we mostly use) is a place to drop everything and has no organization, no insulation and no real plan yet on how to fix that. I keep writing ideas down, so it will come, but after the laundry and the office I think.

The electrical was knob and tube and the upstairs wiring our electrician was surprised hadn't burned the house down yet (all the wires went into one area and then sort of touched and went back to their individual locations). There is no knob & tube left and we even just last month upgraded the panel from fuses to breakers. Just something that makes me feel a whole lot safer and more comfortable and when we go to sell will go a long way.

Outside, we back onto a small river but don't have a deck to enjoy the view over it. We have a old shed (possibly original or almost?) but without power we are limited in what we can use it for. We'd never receive permission to build a replacement in that location so for now we just are glad we have somewhere to store things. It mostly holds all the projects I intend to get to and likely never will! We did add a fire pit to the backyard which we love. Our yard is very very treed and so gardens haven't really worked, but I'd like to explore it a bit more.

So I'm hoping that I am back and will update on each of the projects above.