Sunday, November 3, 2013

Start of the bathroom renos

We (being my dad and me - Kirk has completely stepped back from any decisions, based on being too busy with school and too nervous about the whole thing. Total faith. Or, more likely, total resignation) decided to build a temporary bathroom in the basement so that we once we start ripping the bathroom apart, we (being Kirk, David and me!) can still be clean. Pretty important that is. We're going to leave the toilet in upstairs as long as possible (for the middle of the night don't want to go down three flights of stairs pee runs) but if we can take out the bathtub and vanity, then we can get a whole lot done before the final take out of the toilet.

It has to be temporary because of the lack of ceiling height in the basement, which is also good because then we can quickly knock it together. It will come back out again once we've finished upstairs.

Yesterday, we purchased a few supplies, including a brand-new toilet from the Restore, which has a soft-close lid (fancy! and only $60!) and some cheap lumber. Today, Dad came over in the afternoon and we knocked up some shower walls and a toilet platform and hooked a lot up. Toilet needs water hooked up (but the sewage out works) and the plumbing for the shower needs doing, but that should all be done tomorrow evening. Then we can stand-up and shower for the first time since we moved in.  And no more rain in the kitchen when hubby is showering upstairs (and no fear of the bathtub ending up in the kitchen).