Sunday, October 27, 2013

Uh Oh... time to move up the bathroom/kitchen reno!

Since the day we moved in, we've wanted/needed to do something about the bathroom. See this post for the full down and dirty on it. 

However, the thought of reno-ing and living in chaos for a while doesn't please Kirk and living without shower or toilet at all doesn't please me!

So first option was to build an extra bathroom in the basement. Once that was done, we could do upstairs main bath at our leisure, since we'd have downstairs....

Except, we don't have enough height clearance. Regulations for renovations state it has to be a certain height, once the floors are in, and we just don't have that much space. Not off by much but enough that it complicates everything.

We also don't want to spend too much money on this house, as it isn't the house we will live in forever. Even if we do stay in Canada, we wouldn't want to stay in here. It is a solidly built, good starter home, but not a forever home, for us anyways.

So we've been debating how to do the bathroom upstairs, as quickly and minimally invasive as possible. We I started planning - looking at tiles yesterday in fact. I knew the kitchen ceiling would need to come down at some point to access the bathroom plumbing (and because it was waterstained in some spots. But getting home from the tile shop to rain falling in my kitchen was not quite was I was expecting.

Uh Oh.

The weird gap next to the bathtub and a big guy in a bathtub trying to get water over his chest because he feels sick and wretched = wet floor = water going through the floor into the kitchen ceiling.

I pulled down one section of the ceiling board. Water poured out. Ugh.  

I also noticed that the ceiling board was nailed to strips of pine placed OVER the original painted plaster ceiling. Double ugh. 
So the layers are as follows: Ceiling joists. Lathe strips. Thick plaster on the lathe strips. Green paint. Pieces of wood nailed into the plaster. Ceiling board nailed into those strips.  Oh my.

The plaster in the area where it leaked had obviously fallen down years ago and all came crashing down with the board. In the further half of the kitchen, it was fine, but it all needed to come down for when we replaced the ceiling.

So last night, my father came over and before I had a chance to put anything much away, proceeded to rip out my entire kitchen ceiling. It was dusty and messy but needed to be done. Once done, there was a 10 cm layer of plaster chunks on the floor, boards everywhere which I piled outside for a fire and fne plaster dust on everything. He left around 9:30 by which time we had the most of it cleaned and then I finished cleaning until 11:30. Actually the kitchen is probably cleaner than it has been for a while!

So we now have only joists exposed and we can now see the state of the bathroom plumbing. Old and not good (which we knew because of the sink constantly being plugged).

On top of that, we've found out we've got mainly old knob wiring. All of which will need to be replaced, otherwise we'd trip a fuse every time we turn on more than one appliance (esp once we add a bathroom fan). Plus it just isn't safe. However, since everything is exposed, it will be much cheaper and easier to run new wire through out the majority of the house. Which means a new electrical panel but better for resale too.

I'm not sure yet what the order of things is, but I need to design my kitchen soon, because the stack (for venting the sewage gases) runs behind the kitchen counters and so that will need to be accessed before I can reno the bathroom. Essentially it all has to happen at around the same plan.

I want to be as prepared as possible and have all my ducks in a row. A lot to do but once it is done, it will be awesome. Especially to finally have a shower in our house!!

You'll be hearing more about it very soon. I can promise you that! So much so that you'll be sick of it.

Wait, wasn't this once a running/getting fit blog?!...