Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our bathroom - the reveal and hopefully soon the "before"

The house we bought was built in 1927 and has obviously had some work done to it to help maintain or revert back to it's original character. For example, you can see a line of old nail holes on the living room floor where carpet had been previously nailed down and the hardwood is nicely polished.  Other aspects were not treated as well. Almost every possible bit of wood trim is painted and usually not that well, so it's partly chipping off. We also have lovely popcorn ceiling in most of the rooms.

There is so much to do. Being that I am married to a guy who barely tolerates all my projects that I start and don't finish (fair enough), with this house it will be all planned, bought and ready to go before tackling any projects.

Not that I need a perfect house. But I would love to love this house back to some glory. And a shower wouldn't be a bad thing either.

I've been content with much as is (for now - and it has only been a month or so) which also means I haven't been taking a whole lot of photos.

However, this morning, a drop from above in the kitchen meant some plans may need to happen sooner than later and I have to start setting aside money and getting plans ready for a refurb...

... before this cast iron 1920s bathtub lands in our kitchen... which also needs redoing but definitely not under those circumstances!

The towel on the floor is there to soak up water from "showers" since this is the extent of our washing capability - only a tub and no option to stand in the tub, since right above it, the roofline slopes, which you can see.

My husband is a big guy. Heck, I'm not small. To say it is awkward without a shower would not be overstating anything. Surprisingly though, neither of us is complaining too much (give us time) and I am loving being able to bath in a deep bath.

So this morning, he "showered" (there is a handheld attachment on the taps) and then while we made breakfast thereafter, we got some drips. So drips got through 10 layers of lino (from a rough guess). Here's hoping the floor is not rotten...

Aside from that wonderous story, there are many other great reasons why I want to redo the bathroom:

  1. The lightswitch is outside of the bathroom, in the hall. You can see that in this photo. The lovely light plate is pretty awesome too. And even more fun, if the light switch is off, the power plug doesn't work. So no nightlight. No shaving during the day with the light off.
  2. There are two types of lino, at three different levels. Dunno. Can't explain that one.
  3. There is no shower.
  4. There are exposed pipes in the corner next to the toilet. The big waste pipe apparently collects air from outside to help it work but why it isn't blocked in all the way down? Not sure.
  5. The lights flicker when someone walks in another room. Oh and the lights are brass and oh so ugly.
  6. The vanity is the size of a small car. It is painted strangely in a deep green base coat with white splatters and is probably heavier than the cast iron tub. It is also waaaaay higher than normal. My 5 year old is much taller than average and he can't reach the taps or even spit into the sink. So he sits on the vanity to brush his teeth. At least we don't have to worry if it could hold him up. If we ever get a severe storm here, I'm hiding in that. Speak of the inside, it is so big it is almost un-useable because how can I organise all that space? So yup, I just leave all my crap on the top of it. And don't even try to hide that when I take pictures.
  7. The curtain is hemmed really badly by someone who tried to hand sew without knowing how to hand sew. I notice this every time I sit on the toilet. But the view is good!
  8. There are no towel rails, so we randomly hang towels on whatever nail in the wall or door frame we can.
  9. The bathtub taps need to be tightened so hard to stop them
    from dripping that you can hardly undo them later. The shower attachment bit is held on with a hoseclamp and not too successfully.
  10. The bathtub needs refinishing so that it doesn't look dirty all the time, even when it isn't. Luckily that doesn't drive me mad, but it makes Kirk crazy!
  11. The tiles were originally pink. Then someone painted them blue. Then the off-white they are now. How do I know this? Because they didn't do a very good paint job in all places and sometimes, like around the toilet paper holder, you can see all three colours. Awesome!!
The bathroom has one saving grace though - the register cover is one of the few (only?) originals and is amazing. I would redesign the whole room around the register cover. And yet you never get to see it because it is hiding behind the door. Which is also not good for heating this place in winter. 

So for now, I'm stalking a new blog that I found where they are remodeling a 1890s house and her bathroom is amazing (except they must have a few more $ than us - but that vintage style shower fitting on the link to her blog's bathroom page is soooo gorgeous) and looking on Houzz.com - consider yourself warned at how easy it is to get sucked into that site!

I'm thinking white subway tile walls, moving the tub into the linen cupboard a bit, heated tile floor, maybe moving the door or reorienting how it opens (?), and putting in a skylight in order to put in a shower that we can actually stand in. Bear with me while I deliberate, do up a plan and a budget and then cross all that off to do probably, well, nothing because of lack of funds!

I'll explain the linen cupboard and the rest of the upstairs soon!